Everything You Need To Know About Choosing PVC Trim Boards

PVC Trimboards are using the free foam extrusion process. It has a consistent cell structure and density from surface to core that performs well in building applications.

PVC Trimboard is environmental product, with features of Low Maintenance cleans easily with soap and water, Save labor,Lightweight and easy to install, Superior nailing&gluing, Not easy to scratch, No painting required unless desired, Termite and insect proof, No Rot, crack, split or warp, Water resistant, Mold and mildew free, 100% recyclable, High energy efficiency, Fire-retardant (self-extinguishing), Resistant to chemicals and corrosion.
Thus, they are widely used in building construction&decoration.

PVC trim can be cut, drilled and routed like wood. These are available as sheets (smooth/smooth or woodgrain/ smooth) or as notched bead board. There are endless uses, including fascia, frieze boards, window and door trim, deck edging and decorative accents.

PVC trim product is entirely impervious to moisture, insects, and installs like wood. Its lightweight and durable nature make it easy to transport and handle. Due to value engineering, it is available at a competitive price to fiber cement and other man-made trim products.

KINGSTAR line of Trimboards includes the following profiles:

S4S (Surfaced on 4 Sides)  Trimboard

S4S trim board stands for “surfaced on 4 sides” trim board. This term is commonly used in the construction and carpentry industry to describe a type of lumber or board that has been planned and smoothed on all four sides. Each side of the board is precisely machined to create a smooth, consistent surface, free of rough edges or irregularities.

S4S trim board PVC moulding is smooth, versatile and durable. Use it to trim and define every type of home exterior in every way imaginable. Its four-sided finished PVC material resists dirt buildup, its Celuka process adds durability for cleaner installations.

S4S trim boards are often used for various interior and exterior trim applications, such as baseboards, crown molding, window casings, and door frames.

Trim Finishes and Options

We offer a wide variety of trim board sizes and options to provide installers, builders and architects the perfect solution for any project or jobsite.
• Moisture-resistant boards are 100% protected, inside and out, from both water exposure and absorption.
• Unprecedented durability Flexible and durable cellular PVC prevents jobsite breakage and delivers long-lasting protection for homeowners.
• Rot-resistant Say goodbye to splitting, splintering, and rotting caused by consistent exposure to the elements.

PVC Trimbozrd Tradition

Surface Smooth

PVC Trimboard Woodgrain

Surface Woordgrain


Width 3/8" 1/2‘’ 5/8“ 1' 5/4‘’ 3/2' 2‘’
Nominal Actual Actual 3/8" Actual 1/2" Actual 5/8" Actual 3/4" Actual 1" Actual 5/4" Actual 3/2"
2“ 1- 1/2"
3" 2- 1/2"
4" 3- 1/2"
5‘’ 4- 1/2"
6“ 5- 1/2"
8" 7- 1/4"
10‘’ 9- 1/4"
12“ 11- 1/4"
16" 15- 1/2"

Available in standard 18′ lengths
Most thicknesses can be ordered reversible – Woodgrain/Smooth or Smooth/Smooth
Trim is available in two finishes, Smooth Matte and Woodgrain
Our PVC trimboards are available in either Smooth/Smooth or Smooth/Woodgrain.
Our PVC trim is cut with a proprietary system to keep the edges clean and dimensionally accurate with true 90° angles.​

Standard Stealth Trim

PVC Standard Smooth Stealth

Standard Smooth Stealth Trim

Made from premium cellular PVC that can be cut, shaped, fastened and finished using standard carpentry tools. Weather resistant, with no warping.

PVC Sealth Woodgrain Trim

Woodgrain Stealth Trim

Beautiful and long-lasting, Srealth Trim is a more workable and durable replacement to traditional wood in non-stress and non-load-bearing applications. Unlike wood, Srealth Trim doesn’t need paint or stain for protection and has exceptional resistance to moisture, no matter the climate.

Stealth Trim Dimensions

Nominal Sizes Actual Sizes 18"
5/4 x 4 1” x 3- 1/2”
5/4 x 6 1” x 5- 1/2”

PVC One Piece Corners

KINGSTAR one-piece corner boards are made by folding a single piece of PVC. They reduce labour when it comes to patching, re-touching and filling to complement siding products.

PVC Corner Board offers customization options for size and surface finish, including wood grain, smooth, and matte textures.

PVC Smooth Corner Board

Smooth Corner Board

Our one-piece corner boards feature smooth outside edges to keep dirt away and help prevent cuts during installation.

PVC Woodgrain Corner Board

Woodgrain Corner Board

KINGSTAR PVC corners is a stronger corner that gives you a sharp 90-degree angle without an exposed seam that picks up dirt.

PVC Smooth Sealthed Corner Board

Smooth Stealth Corner Board

PVC Corner moulding is manufactured by Free Foam extrusion method. This innovative manufacturing technique ensures a superior, consistent quality throughout the board, setting it apart as the ideal choice for transforming your columns.

PVC Woodgrain Stelthed Corner

Woodgrain Stealth Corner Board

With rabbeted edges, this one-piece cornerboard is designed to make siding installations a breeze and help deliver a crisp façade.

Benefits of PVC Trim Corner board:

■ Stands up to harsh weather
■ Resists stains, scratches, and fading
■ Quick and easy installation
■ Resists mold, mildew, and moisture damage
■ No cupping, rotting, or splitting
■ Suitable for ground contact
■ UV protection inside and out
■ Does not require paint for protection, but easily accepts paint
■ Available in White in Traditional finishes

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