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We are the leading suppliers of decorative materials and provide high-quality and reliable decorative products.

Decorative materials are available in a wide range of different materials. If the plastic sheet you are looking for is not listed or you aren’t quite sure of the material that will suit your application, then contact us and we will do our best to find one that suits you. Our customers buy with confidence, knowing that after-sales service and technical expertise are always available when required.

Our decorative materials include trim board and moulding.​ Exterior and interior trim both outlines and completes the finished surfaces of your building project.

Trim Board:

1.​ PVC Trim Board   2.​​ Stealth Trimboard   3.​​ S4S (Surfaced on 4 Sides) Trimboard   4.​​ Standard Corners   5.​​ Stealth Corners


1.​ PVC BackBand Moulding: sometimes also called backband trim and backband casing, is a type of trim that’s typically installed alongside baseboards or door and window casings. Backband moulding adds thickness to existing moulding and trim and instantly boosts the architectural interest.​

2.​ PVC Base Cap Moulding: Base Cap Moulding can be used to trim anywhere this profile will enhance the project. Intended for exterior use, PVC can also be used in any damp or wet area, covered or uncovered.​

3.​ PVC Bead Board Moulding: Bead Board Moulding is a low maintenance solution for areas where moisture is problematic. Use Bead Board Moulding to quickly renew and transform any room at a moderate cost.​

4.​ PVC brickmould:brickmould made of one of a variety of materials that surrounds your door and the door frame. Its uses are mostly aesthetic. It surrounds the door frame, serving as a barrier between the doorframe and the exterior walls of the home.​

5.​ PVC Casing Moulding: Casing Moulding are decorative mouldings typically used flush against a wall, door or window to create surrounds. They can be used as a single moulding profile or combined with other profile styles to dramatically transform window and door aesthetics.​

6.​ PVC Crown Moulding: Crown moulding is an architectural element that is used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room by adding a decorative transition between the wall and the ceiling. It can also be used to cover up imperfections or to create a focal point in a room.

7.​ PVC Drip Cap Moulding:Drip cap moulding is a flashing used along the eaves and rakes to allow water run-off to drip clear of underlying construction. Commonly, it is used to trim out the bottom of panels over doorways and windows, and occasionally takes the place of base flashing at the bottom of a wall.​

8.​ PVC Quarter Round Moulding: Quarter Round Moulding is a type of trim that is usually a long, slender cut of building materials such as wood or plastic used to line the edges of various corners of a room. It can also be found on doors and windows as a decorative measure and as a functional aspect of a building.​

9.​ PVC Ram Crown Mouldings: Ram Crown Mouldings are elegant and beautiful mouldings that can be used indoors and outdoors to elevate your home decor. These crown mouldings are ultra-resistant and durable with no moisture absorption and are a perfect fit for your home. Available in a clean and crisp finish, these crown mouldings don’t need to be painted, but if required, one can paint on PVC very easily as per your preference.​

10.​ PVC Shingle Mould: Decorative moulding installed on the fascia just below the roofing shingles. Often times referred to as Rake Mould.

11.​ PVC Sill Moulding: Sill Mouldings are an affordable, environmentally friendly and low maintenance building material for sustainable use, while also being an alternative to wood trim and wood appearance.​ It can be cut, milled, shaped, nailed and screwed like wood and suitable for exterior and interior decoration of any building.​

12.​ PVC Sill Nosing is used to dress in the front of your wooden or concrete window sub sills to finish your interior look. Sill Nosing is also excellent for disguising unsightly or old window sills & helps accentuate any window space.​

13.​ PVC Stop Moulding: When you close a properly-made door, there’s typically a strip of wood or other material that stops the door from swinging through the frame. That’s called stop moulding.​

14.​ PVC Trim planks: Trim planks can be used to cover edges, as molding, and in areas requiring a more intricate solution.​

PVC Ceiling Panel:

PVC Ceiling Panel are made from robust plastic material, it is durable and waterproof. It can be easy to clean and use. It has excellent antibacterial and mildew resistance, it also can be installed in the interior of any building with strong adaptability. It offers a sanitary environment and a stylish look and it allows for quick installation. Modern and an entire house ceiling can be installed in less than a day, with no dust or mess.

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