uses cookies on our website. We do this to enhance the user experience and usability of our website, and to gather anonymous visitor data. Cookies are placed for the following website elements:
Social buttons
Buttons are included in this website to promote or share pages on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. These buttons use strings of code generated by the social networks, which are then used to store cookies on your computer. The cookie remembers that you logged in, so it does not have to ask your log in details every time you want to share something on Facebook or Twitter. To check what the social networks do with the personal information that they process using this code, you can look into the privacy statements of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Their privacy statements change frequently.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data on visiting behaviour for our website with the ultimate objective of improving the user experience. Our website does not collect personal information, such as IP-addresses, and the data is not used for advertising purposes.
Google Adwords conversion scripts
It is possible that you visited through our Google Adwords adds. To measure the effect of our Google Adwords adds, we place conversion scripts on the ‘thank-you’ pages of our forms. These scripts place a cookie that helps us see that a visitor came onto our site through a Google Adwords add. These cookies are never reused to re-target visitors with advertisements.

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