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The services offered at Kingstar Plastics are solution-oriented, designed to save time, increase productivity, and maximize cost-effectiveness. We offer services in all areas of the plastics industry, from custom cuts and fabrication to customized stock programs. Our primary goal is to build strong relationships with our customers, because at Kingstar Plastics, your project is our project. We work to ensure that all of your project’s needs are met for a successful result. Contact your local service center for information regarding available services in your area.


Polished Finish: Creating a clear, optical edge on acrylic requires specific diligence and particular skills that Kingstar Plastics’ fabrication departments are equipped for. Acrylic is known for its clarity and light transmittance, but achieving success depends on the operator’s technique because of its fragile makeup. Our fabrication teams can produce flawless edge finishes with our specified polishing capabilities.

Machined Plastic Parts: Save time and labor by allowing the skilled team of experts at Kingstar Plastics to create custom parts based on your specifications.

Die Cutting and Stamping: Kingstar Plastics aims to reduce material costs by limiting material waste and consistently repeating parts with a high yield per sheet utilizing the nesting process. Through the use of these practices, Kingstar Plastics can easily die cut and stamp various materials with the utmost efficiency.

Bending: Kingstar Plastics can use either heating or cold processes to bend plastic sheets. Cold bending is an excellent solution for creating curves and bends using flat sheet stock, and maintains the integrity of the sheet. Many thermoplastic materials can be bent by hand or with metal. Acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, and PVC are all great material options for cold bending. Heat bending is popular because of its low tooling costs, quick setup, and consistent results. Heat bending allows Kingstar Plastics to achieve many angles and configurations to reach our goal of ultimate customer satisfaction. The heat bending process allows thermoplastic sheets to be re-molded or formed. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, and PVC are great material options for heat bending.

Custom Labeling: Our team can custom label material based on your project requirements, creating ease and organization for complex projects.

Custom Color Matching: We work with premium manufacturers to create the highest quality output. Inquire with your local sales representative about custom color matching. Our suppliers are experts in Pantone colors, brand matching, and existing color matching.


Kingstar Plastics has invested in automated cutting processes to save our customers time, reduce waste, and lower overall costs. With over 17 years of experience as a leader in the plastics distribution industry, our standards for servicing our customers with cut-to-size and custom orders are unmatched. We pride ourselves on tight tolerances, pinpoint accuracy, and exceptional edge quality while maintaining productivity without sacrificing quality.


Horizontal Panel Saws offer an automated cutting process with RPM control, variable blade change, and advanced guide systems. This cutting process promotes faster speed to ensure orders are cut in a timely fashion. Our equipment provides single sheet and volume cutting capabilities with our stocked plastic sheets. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVS, Foamboard, ACM and ABS are a few material options for custom cut orders.


Guillotine machines accommodate several types of substrates and films, and offer precision cutting by using computerized machines to enhance accurate, clean, and scratch-free fabrication. The industrial cutting shears on guillotine machines allow for large quantities of material to be cut at the same time. This speed of cutting materials enables us to deliver cut-to-size materials quickly to our customers.


Kingstar Plastics has a proven track record of producing high-quality routed parts in a timely manner. The art of creating a route smooth edge on multiple substrates requires precision, experience, and proper equipment. ​Multiaxis CNC routers aid in producing complex shapes and designs with excellent dimensional stability. Acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, styrene, and PVC are perfect materials to be converted into custom parts. drilling bits on display.


Drilling and tapping plastic is a common request among our customers. Kingstar Plastics encourages customers to take the risk out of fabricating and let our expert operators do the drilling. We work closely with our premier manufacturers to fully educate ourselves and our customers on the best fabrication practices to consider when drilling plastics.


Our job at Kingstar Plastics is to create material solutions that best fit your business. In doing so, we have the autonomy to develop custom stocking programs. These programs reduce excess inventory, decrease upfront costs, and allow us to work together to achieve a win-win solution. We value our customers and their businesses, and this service distinguishes us above the rest.


Kingstar Plastics is proud to have a dedicated business unit that is solely focused on recycling plastics and provides transparency on the recycling process established based on scientific evidence. We use a closed-loop system, which allows us to collect and process materials that we can keep domestically, rather than allowing these materials to end up in landfills. Our understanding of the world’s current sustainability issues has established Kingstar Plastics as an industry leader. Recycling, reuse, and repurposing of materials as well as accurate disposal documentation are items of particular concern for this industry. For this reason, Kingstar Plastics has put in place “green” best practices to show environmental stewardship through recycling. Kingstar Plastics buys materials in scrap, purge, preform, regrind, or pellet form and reprocesses these materials into usable products. We offer balers, trailers, gaylords, and many additional solutions to make the recycling process as efficient as possible. Some materials we specialize in the recycling of are ABS, TPO, PC, HIPS, PETG, PET, LDPE, PP, HDPE, HMW, and many more.


Kingstar Plastics understands the impact of our materials on your business, which is why we take pride in the packaging and delivery of our materials. We stock materials based on customer and market needs, and we take full responsibility to ensure that product delivery is accurate, consolidated, protected, palletised, and on time. At every Kingstar Plastics location, we offer a same-day, next-day, or scheduled pickup option. Our local teams enjoy service and building further relationships with our customers from our pickup counters with warehouses across the Chinese, making Kingstar plastics a reliable option for fast, pleasant, and accurate service.

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