Everything you need to know about choosing coloured acrylic sheets

Coloured acrylic has unique physical properties and performance characteristics. It weighs half as much as glass, and is up to 10 times more impact resistant.

Coloured acrylic sheets have outstanding weatherability and formability, and can be formed into a variety of shapes, making it ideally suitable for many end users, such as illuminated signs, point of sale displays, furniture, skylights and architectural glazing and even as acrylic splashbacks in the kitchen.

We provide transparent, translucent and opaque options with different levels of light transmission.​

Features of coloured acrylic sheets

■ Good Optical Properties
■ Thermoformable
■ Versatile, suitable for Fabrication
■ Excellent sound abatement properties
■ UV Stabilised
■ Easy to machine. ​Laser cut and engrave
■ Impact Resistant
■ Protective Film Covering Both Sides

Applications of coloured acrylic sheets

Coloured acrylic sheet is extremely versatile. Use it for decorative purposes, signage, shop fitting, art and crafts and many more applications. Below are some of the great ways our coloured acrylic range is regularly used.

■ Signage
■ Retail Shop fitting
■ Dividers
■ Table numbers
■ Displays
■ Coasters
■ Point of sale displays
■ Shelves
■ Jewellery stands and boxes
■ Brochure holders
■ Card holders
■ Engraving
■ Plaques
■ Laser cutting
■ Furniture
■ Keyrings
■ Feature Walls
■ Fencing
■ Windows​

Type of coloured acrylic sheets

Available in a number of colors (Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Ivory, Red, Purple), patterns and finishes, these plexiglass sheets are suitable for many creative projects. We supply acrylic sheets in neutral colours such as black, brown, grey or white in larger sheet thicknesses. We carry over 80 varieties of acrylic sheets, including 0% transparent (solid) and opaque colors, frosted (transparent, but opaque).​ sheets, mirrored sheets and more!

Working with coloured acrylic sheets

​Colored acrylic sheets, just like any other moulded acrylic sheets, are strong, durable and easy to work with. You can mill, engrave, drill, bend (hot), glue, saw and polish it.

plastic sheet warm bending

Bending (warm)

Plastic sheet driling


plastic sheet engraving


plastic sheet lasering


Plastic Sheet Glueing


Plastic Sheet Milling


Plastic Sheet Painting


plastic sheet polishing


Plastic sheet sawing (circular saw)

Sawing (circular saw)

Plastic sheet sawing (jigsaw)

Sawing (jigsaw)

plastic sheet lettering


Plastic sheet turning


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